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This page assists in providing U.S. citizens and those under the jurisdiction of the US Treasury Dept. with information about travel to Cuba. Some groups and individuals may fall within the legal exemptions to the U.S. ban on travel to Cuba, i.e., those engaging in professional research, news-gathering, humanitarian or religious aid projects.

If you qualify under one of the exemptions and want information about booking flights and hotels please contact: Giraldo Acosta,
CubaMax (305) 281-7795.

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US Bureau of Consular Affairs

The Center for Cuban Studies


Center for Democracy In The Americas

Global Exchange

The H Magazine

The Washington Office on Latin America

Please review all restrictions carefully as they may change. Cinembargo Films provides these links as a courtesy only, but does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information. Please support the lifting of the travel ban by contacting your elected officials.

Grupo Sintesis, Teatro Nacional, La Habana 2008Chucho Valdes, Teatro Nacional, La Habana  2001La Compania De La Danza Narciso Medina, Salvador Gonzalez, Callejon de Hamel, La Habana 1994Callejon de Hamel, La Habana 2003Harold Williams, Hotel Habana Libre, 1998Fiesta, la Habana 2005